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For Drinking Water

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rynn is an innovative solution providing perfect drinking water system that is economic, safe, and environmental-friendly. rynn system effectively removes unwanted odors, sediments, bacteria and virus, excessive salt, hardness, heavy metals, while still remains most of natural essential minerals in the water.

An on-site drinking water system which creates Natural-mineral-preserved Still and Sparkling Water that is Clean, Fresh and Taste-Enhancement.

Our Set-Zero Solutions
Moving towards reducing carbon footprint for healthier environment without compromising quality of life.


A Significant Carbon Footprint Reduction

Zero Kilometer

No transportation of drinking water, eliminating energy consumption, reducing carbon footprint.

Zero Waste

No plastic and glass bottles for one-time use, reducing tremendous amount of plastic and glass waste.

Zero Storage

No on-site storage, maximizing space utilization, reducing investment and overheads.

Zero Bacteria Zero Virus

No bacteria and virus can pass our Nanotechnology Filters, rynn water will always be safe for drinking.
A simple, elegant, and hygienic signature glassware design serves rynn water instead of plastic. rynn’s bottles are inspiringly designed to be effectively washed.

Why rynn Technology

A combination of Nanofiltration and a world-class dispensing system,  effectively remove unwanted and unsafe contaminants, but still remains most of natural minerals.

A Taste Experience

rynn’s premium drinking water system both still and sparkling is clean, fresh and enhance dining experience.

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rynn undercounter Nanofiltration System, sleek tower, and signature glassware